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Delicate Fabric
Certified  Therapist
Hi, I'm
Kristin Lennox (she/her/We) is a Licensed Contractor at Roots to Results Counseling. Kristin identifies as a first-generation daughter of immigrants of the Filipino diaspora and a cisgender, bisexual, neurodiverse woman who practices social (change) work and soul care. Kristin has a history of working with children, young people, emerging adults, individuals, and families including transgender, nonbinary, and queer folx. Kristin’s foundational clinical experiences have been in supporting young people and their families with navigating trauma and mental health crises. With experience in unique play therapies and modalities, Kristin approaches care work with an emphasis on play, rest, peace, joy, and imagination. As a Certified Healing Centered Engagement Practitioner, Kristin integrates the impact of social, cultural, and political systems on our health and well-being, creating a space for clients of the global majority to process systematic, racialized traumas. Kristin is especially skilled in supporting clients who are exploring inner child and inner adolescence work as part of their healing journeys. Kristin is available for individual therapy, group therapy, and clinical supervision.
Please visit the link below to schedule an intake call. I am here to be your safe landing space for as long as you need.

All sexual identities/orientations/expressions, race and religions welcome! You are incredibly brave for even looking through this list of providers here and deciding to start/continue/change therapy at this time. I'd be happy to walk through this with you! 
*I also offer Supervision to LCSW Supervisees in Social Work in the State of Virginia*
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